Earlier this month, Southern Draw Cigars announced two limited edition perfecto-sized line extensions to its Kudzu and Firethorn lines. Earlier this week, Southern Draw has announced these line extensions will be branded as “Code Duello”.


Code Duello adds both a 6 x 56 and a 5 x 58 perfecto to the Firethorn and Kudzu lines respectively. Both perfectos will have an annual limited production of 4,000 cigars. As with all Southern Draw Cigars, the Code Duello line extensions are produced at Tabacalera Fernandez in Esteli, Nicaragua. Southern Draw Cigars’ Chief Evangelist Robert Holt said that the blends are actually slightly different for the perfectos giving each a unique profile. The blends were described in a press release as follows:

  • KUDZU (6 X 56): A double Oscuro perfecto that is box pressed and provides a Full Body/Full Flavor version of the original blend.
  • KUDZU (5 X 58): A double Ometepe perfecto that is box pressed and provides a Medium Body/Full Flavor version with notes charred oak and light pepper aromas.
  • FIRETHORN (6 X 56): A double Rosado perfecto that is semi box pressed and provides a sophisticated and smooth Medium Body/Medium+ Flavor of the original blend.
  • FIRETHORN (5 X 58): A double San Andres perfecto that is semi box pressed and provides a Medium+ Body/Full Flavor version with additional strength hidden beneath a naturally sweet wrapper


The name Code Duello is defined as a set of rules for one one one combat or a duel. The rules are designed to settle differences between families and social factions. As such, the perfectos come packaged in pairs. The Code Duello theme is a part of the packaging as the pair can be smoked by two people who can enjoy and discuss and settle any differences between the experience of the cigars in a “friendly duel” buy “settling things like gentlemen”. The company has outlined a set of “rules” by which this could be done.

  1. Challenger shares his/her conflict or grievance directly and privately with the challenged;
  2. Challenged chooses the cigars for the duel, each pair have been tuned for identical appearance, reliability and accuracy;
  3. Challenger choses the “field of honor” or location of the duel;
  4. Challenged accepts the location or requests and alternative location;
  5. The parties cut and light both cigars (a single wooden match is recommended) and allow one another to talk openly, uninterrupted and in a respectable tone;
  6. The parties agree on a resolution and terms and the matter is considered settled OR the parties agree to work towards an amenable final resolution and proceed in earnest towards a specific goal.

According to Southern Draw Cigars, the Code Duello cigars have already shipped to select retail partners. The first release has been limited to 1,000 cigars per vitola in bundles and trays of ten (2 count pairs). A second release is planned for November 2016 with 3,000 cigars per vitola in boxes of ten (2 count pairss).

Photo and Image Credits: Southern Draw Cigars