This week we welcome our special guest Riste Ristevski , the founder of Jas Sum Kral (JSK) Cigars, one of the hottest boutiques out there. Riste takes us through his journey of how he has been able to build his brand in the looming shadow of FDA regulation.

In our Debonaire Ideal segment, we talk Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies. Finally, in our Deliberation Segment, we debate several topics including a Steve Saka Question of the Week.

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Notes from Andrew Wood

Andrew was referenced in this interview and wanted to clarify a few things in regards to FDA. These are the comments we received and are printing them verbatim.

“I do want to clarify a few things if i can. From what was said. I never said that, if i fail… well at least i tried. That is definitely Riste’s feelings. But my words to him were, that if i will never jeopordize his company – and the moment I feel I cannot complete the process, i would advise him to seek further legal advice. We have plenty of time to go to still on registration.”

“Riste also said, “within a few weeks” (in terms of SE) That is not accurate. I was told around May 18th, that I am entering a stage that has an internal projection of completion as of 90 days
This was told to me by the same person that game me a timeline as to when my grandfather would be completed and posted, both were on schedule So I have no reason to doubt this wont be done by the end of August. The office that actually has the application has refused to confirm or contradict that timeframe.”