Nat Sherman has announced it is making its Panamericana line available to all retailers. Previously the line had been an exclusive offering to Tobacconist Association of America (TAA) retailers.

The Nat Sherman Panamericana made its debut in October 2014. The cigar originally was an exclusive offering to Nat Sherman’s Townhouse retail shop in New York. A few months later, distribution was offered to retailers in the TAA and it remained an ongoing offering exclusively to them. The following year the line was expanded to seven sizes.

This past year, Nat Sherman restructured its portfolio, and the Panamericana was moved under its Timeless brand.

The Nat Sherman Panamericana features an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper and a blend of aged tobaccos from Costa Rica and three tobaccos from Nicaragua. The cigar is still offered in seven sizes packaged in ten-count boxes: Secretos: 4 x 40;  Robustico: 4 x 54; Epicure: 5 x 50;  Belicoso Fino (5 1/2 x 43); Cervantes: 6 x 43; Gordo: 6 x 60; and  Julieta: 7 x 48.  The cigar will be packaged in ten-count boxes.

Photo Credit: Cigar Coop