Mombacho Cigars has announced it is entering into the African market. Today the Grenada-based company announced that this month it has started distribution into the country of Angola through Primazia Decorama Import & Commerce.

“In the last year, I’ve been in constant contact with Primazia Decorama’s executives about distributing Mombacho Cigars in Angola, one of the largest economies in Africa. Our goal in 2019 is expanding our worldwide presence; therefore we are ready to serve our African aficionados. I’m thrilled that Mombacho Cigars are represented by such a serious and renowned company and that we are now available in five continents,” said Claudio Sgroi, President and Master Blender of Mombacho Cigars in a press release.

“I’ve met Claudio at the Intertabac Dortmund and right from that moment I felt it was the time to initiate first contacts in order to bring Mombacho to Angola to be part of our portfolio. It’s a great honor for us to import, distribute and represent this great brand in the Angolan market. Thank you Mombacho Cigars for the opportunity,” added Ermen Soares, Primazia Decorama Angola’s General manager.

Primazia Decorama is scheduled to receive the first shipment at the end of June 2019 and it will include Mombacho’s Tierra Volcan, Liga Maestro, Casa Favilli and Cosecha 2014.