It was the last of Drew Estate’s product announcements prior to IPCPR, but now it’s among of the first showcased products at IPCPR to be released. Today Drew Estate announced it is shipping its ACID Kuba Arte Collection. It’s a cigar that was released as a part of the ACID brand’s 20th anniversary.

The ACID Kuba Arte will be a limited edition cigar that is packaged in a series of seven collectible water towers. The water towers feature art by five Brooklyn, NY based graffiti artists.

“These broadleaf torpedoes are the most beautiful figurados I have ever seen, truly exquisite. The level of craftsmanship of the Kuba Arte cigar is equally matched in the packaging, as the Brooklyn graffiti artists deeply connected with the vision, culture, and scope of the ACID brand.  Drew Estate has created a Brooklyn-Nicaraguan masterpiece that screams from the downtown Brooklyn rooftops ‘THIS IS OUR NEW YORK ACCENT.’ We are very proud of our buncheros and rolleros at the factory, as well as our entire supply chain for delivering excellence, once again. We want to see the ‘KUBA ARTE’ posted in social media as ACID fans build their epic water tower collection.”

For additional details on the ACID Kuba Arte, see our IPCPR Pre-Game coverage:

Photo Credits: Cigar Coop