Drew Estate announced today the shipping of the ten humidified 5-Packs for ten of its lines.

The 5-packs are resealable and feature Boveda Active Humidification inside the pack. All of the 5-packs ship with a countertop merchandising display and clip strips to be hung in any retail location are available upon request.

The following are the 5-packs will be shipping in a 5-count display along with the pricing:

  • ACID Kuba Kuba 5 x 54 5-Pack MSRP $49.25/pack
  • ACID Kuba Maduro 5 x 54 5-Pack MSRP $49.25/pack
  • ACID Cold Infusion 6 1/2 x 44 5-Pack MSRP $42.55/pack
  • ACID Toast 6 x 50 5-Pack MSRP $48.40/pack
  • ACID Blondie 4 x 38 5-Pack MSRP $27.50/pack
  • Undercrown Shade Toro 6 x52 5-Pack MSRP $44.60 /pack
  • Undercrown Maduro Toro 6 x 52 5-Pack MSRP $44.60/pack
  • Tabak Negra Sampler 5-Pack MSRP $38.00/pack
  • Tabak Dulce Sampler 5-Pack MSRP $38.00/pack
  • La Vieja Habana Cuban Corojo Bombero 6×54 5-Pack MSRP $22.00/pack

Photo Credits: Drew Estate