Christian Eiroa has announced that C.L.E Cigar Company will be attending the 2020 PCA Trade Show. Eiroa acknowledged that the premium industry has had to deal with compliance costs, FDA user fees, legal, and lobbying expenses and it’s forcing companies to look at finances and spending more closely, but “As everybody knows, whenever money is involved, the dynamics of relationships tend to change. Ever since my father had his partnership with U.S. Tobacco back in the 1970s, I have known how important the RTDA show is. This was and has always been our industry’s most important gathering and I always look forward to seeing the many friends I have met over the decades. We will continue to attend the annual trade show and I hope you do too. Now, more than ever, we need to stay together as an industry and to keep supporting our associations,” said Eiroa in a communication to customers.

Eiroa also addressed the issue of the Big Four (Altadis, Davidoff, Drew Estate, and General) skipping 2020 PCA Trade Show. Last summer, Eiroa along with Perdomo Cigars, worked with the Big Four to submit comments to the FDA regarding substantial equivalence. In his communication, Eiroa also noted, “As for Altadis, Davidoff, Drew Estate and General Cigar, I am optimistic that they will be able to work out their issues with the PCA. Only they know what their individual positions are and what they need from the association. Surely this will get hammered out and we will all be back at the same trade show together again.”

C.L.E. Cigar Company includes the C.L.E., Eiroa, Asylum, and Wynwood Hills brands.