Since its release, there’s been speculation about whether or not Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust’s Sobremesa Brûlée contains a sweetened tip or not. Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust owner Steve Saka has said for months that the tip is not sweetened. Now Saka is giving his fans an opportunity to smoke sweetened and unsweetened versions of the Sobremesa Brûlée with the release of the STFU!!! Sampler.

In an appearance on the Cigar Dojo Flavor Odyssey Show, Saka said he will release a five-count sampler of the 6 x 52 of the Sobremesa Brûlée. This will contain a least one unsweetened tip version of the Sobremesa Brûlée as well as a single sweetened tip Sobremesa Brûlée as well as a double sweetened tip version of the Sobremesa Brûlée. The samplers will each contain one cigar with the letters “S”, “T”, “F”, “U”, and the exclamation points Saka isn’t revealing what letters correlate to the version of the Sobremesa Brûlée cigar, but plans on doing so on September 15th, 2020 on Facebook live. This will allow consumers to decide for themselves which cigars contain the sweetened and unsweetened tips.

According to Saka, STFU!!! stands for “Saka’s Taste For U’rself!!!”

Sobremesa Brulee features an Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade G2BW wrapper, a San Andreas Negro binder and all Nicaraguan filler. The cigars are produced at Fábrica de Tabacos Joya de Nicaragua, S.A in Estelí, Nicaragua.

Pricing for the sampler is set at $59.50 USD.