Fratello Cigars has announced Importadora Corazza GmbH will handle its distribution in Switzerland. Importadora Corazza has been in the cigar industry since 2010 and is headquartered in Switzerland.

“What first started as a friendly chat at one of the international trade shows years ago ended in a focused and highly motivated cooperation. After keeping in touch over all those years we soon realized that Omar is a straightforward, hardworking and fast thinking person. Since our industry truly is about relationships, we didn’t hesitate to agree on this venture. This does not take away the merit of the great product Fratello is – but puts emphasis on the big person behind the brand. But of course, it helps that Fratello is an amazing smoke with tremendous potential.”. said Dr. Marcello R. Corazza of Importadora Corazza in a press release.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Importadora Corazza GmbH. Being a young company that has its origins in the classic import trade, I’m certain it will be a great opportunity for us to expand Fratello’s footprint across Europe.” added Omar de Frias.

Fratello Cigars currently has distribution in Germany, The Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Dominican Republic, Thailand, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Switzerland. Most recently the company added distribution in Spain.