Recently Viaje shipped the third installment of its Private Keep series. The company is calling this release Private Keep Chartreuse.

Private Keep made its debut at the 2018 IPCPR Trade Show. The Private Keep line is a vehicle for Viaje to introduce many of the blends he has worked on, but for one reason or another did not get released. Several of these blends ended up as private smokes for company President Andre Farkas. This is the third release of the Private Keep. 2018 saw the release of the Private Keep Aqua and last year saw the release of the Private Keep Tangerine.

Details of Private Keep Chartreuse have not been disclosed. The cigar itself is a 6 x 52 Toro that comes in a 37-count cabinet box where the cigars are packaged as a bundle inside.

The cigars come unbanded. This year’s Private Keep is designated Chartreuse because of the green-colored ribbon that keeps the bundle in the box together. Chartreuse is a green-colored French liqueur.

Photo Credit: Viaje Cigars