SB 258 was a measure that would remove protections against employment discrimination based upon an individual’s status as a smoker or nonsmoker. If this bill was enacted into law, it would have allowed employers to refuse to hire, discharge, or discriminate against an employee or applicant because the individual utilized any form of nicotine, in the form of legal tobacco products. In addition, the legislation would also allow employers to require abstention of tobacco products outside the course of employment.

Meanwhile, if HB 147 had been passed, this would have allowed any city or county government in Kentucky to impose restrictions or requirements on the use, display, sale, and distribution of tobacco products or vapor products that are stricter than those imposed under state law.

Joshua Habursky, Head of Government Affairs for the PCA commented, “These are important victories as we push back against opponents of premium cigars at all levels of government and especially beneficial to consumers in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Pushing back against the discrimination bill is especially important as other states consider highly restrictive measures that curtail personal choice in the tobacco space.”