With our PCA Post Game Coverage for 2021 now in the annals of history, we turn our attention to the companies that did not attend the Trade Show and look at what releases we have seen announced or released this summer. Last year, in lieu of having Trade Show coverage, we introduced the “Summer of ’20” series. Essentially the concept was to look at the summer releases of 2020, and, as we do with our Trade Show booth reports, essentially try to establish a theme or direction around it. These had a great response for our audience, and we decided to extend this to cover the companies that had other plans besides the PCA Trade Show.

For this series, it will be a lot shorter since most of the companies did attend the 2021 PCA Trade Show. We will look at a soft window between Memorial Day 2021 (May 31, 2021 and Labor Day 2021 (September 6, 2021). The window won’t be exact, but will be used as a guide to keep to the scope of the summer releases.

We hope you enjoy this series and find it informative.