Recently, two of Viaje’s oldest lines, the Viaje Oro and the Viaje Platino, have returned and arrived at stores.

During the early days of the company, the Viaje Oro and Viaje Platino were regular production offerings. In 2012, Viaje announced these lines would be moving into its small batch model where they would be periodically released in small batches.

Originally the Oro and Platino were produced in Honduras. The new Viaje Oro and Platino were produced at the TABSA factory in Nicarague and feature 100% Nicaraguan tobaccos with the Oro being the more “amp’d up” of the two blends. The Oro is available in two sizes: Fuerza (5 x 52) and Delicado (6 x 50) while the Platino is available in two sizes: Chiva (5 x 52) and Sueno (6 x 54). The cigars have been released in 25 count boxes in an 8-9-8 format (3 rows: 8 cigars, 9 cigars, and 8 cigars).

Photo Credit: Viaje Cigars