Gurkha Cigar Group International management has announced that 2022 will bring no pricing increase across all core domestic lines, with the only exception being their sampler bags.

“Although suppliers have increased prices due to shortage of tobacco and production, Gurkha has decided to absorb those increases on our end at this time so that the retailers don’t feel the impact,” commented Jim Colucci, President of Gurkha Cigars in a press release.

“We’re proud to partner with our retailers across the country who have supported us over the years, and in turn we’re happy that we can support them in one more way by not raising our prices at this time,” added Juan Lopez, Vice President of Gurkha Cigars.

Gurkha Cigars acknowledges that supply problems have been an issue for many companies, but has said for the most part only a few of its SKUs have been in short supply. The company says it has secured tobacco in advance and should not fall behind in production.