La Flor Dominicana has completed its auction of seven NFTs. The auction not only provided the opportunity to invest in an NFT, but also the right to purchase the Golden Bull Cigar.  The Golden Bull is a limited 6 1/2 x 42 size of the highly acclaimed Andalusian Bull. The seven NFTs sold for a total of $614,779.00 or an average of $87,825.57.

Beginning on August 11, 2022, La Flor Dominican began auctioning off seven NFTs, one at a time in 48-hour intervals. Since we reported on the sales of the first two NFTs, there were four additional NFTs that went for $90,000.00 or above. The following were the results:

  • NFT 1: $85,000.00
  • NFT 2: $78,001.00
  • NFT 3: $90,000.00
  • NFT 4: $90,000.00
  • NFT 5: $92,000.00
  • NFT 6: $81,777.00
  • NFT 7: $98,001.00

The Golden Bull NFT gives you a high quality digital card of art and a special Gold Bouillon Humidor containing 50 Golden Bull Cigars. In addition, the holder of the Golden Bull NFT essentially has the equivalent of a “personal seat license” in football stadiums, namely the right to purchase up to 70 Golden Bull Cigars (made available in packs of 14 cigars a month).

Cigar Coop has confirmed several retailers have acquired NFTs, but none have announced plans on how or if they will sell the Golden Bull Cigars.

Photo Credit: La Flor Dominicana