Dave and Coop bring an interesting exercise to Episode 79 of Prime Time Jukebox. The concept involves each host picking ten tracks that the other host should absolutely hear. These could be personal favorites and/or songs that might click with the other’s musical taste. Each will present the ten songs to the other, and on a subsequent show we will see how each host enjoyed those tracks.

Plus we cover a wide array of both music and cigar news.

For this show, Dave smokes the My Father Le Bijou 1922 Petit Robusto and Coop was not able to smoke.

Tune in to the premiere on YouTube on Monday 9/26 at 8pm ET. The show will also be posted on the Cigar Coop Facebook Live page, but due to changes in Facebook it will no longer be a show premiere

As always you can follow along with our Spotify Playlists:

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