Gurkha Cigar Group International has announced that Gurkha Pure Evil, a cigar that launched at the 2022 Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show,  is now shipping to retailers in the United States. Pure Evil is the re-release of a brand the company discontinued 15 years ago.

“A few weeks ago we pre-released the Pure Evil at the Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival and it was a great hit,” commented Juan Lopez, Vice President of Gurkha Cigars in a press release. “The cigar sold out in the first 30 minutes of VIP festival participants entering. We’re looking forward to hearing how the masses enjoy the cigar next.”

The company will be supporting the launch of Pure Evil with swag at various events and social media contests.

For more information on the Gurkha Pure Evil, see our 2022 PCA Pre-Game Coverage:

Cigar News: Gurkha Pure Evil to Launch at 2022 PCA Trade Show

Photo Credit: Gurkha Cigar Group