Quality Importers Trading Company has announced it has shipped four items it showcased at the 2022 Premium Cigar Association Trade Show: Xikar Revolution, Xikar 10mm Punch, Humidor Supreme First Responder Series, and Palio Lazio.

The Xikar Revolution is unique in that instead of using cutter hands, you use rotary action to open the cutter, and then rotary action to cut the cigar. There are springs built within the cutter that provide a “power assist” (analogous to “power steering” in a car) when cutting. It cuts up to a 70 ring gauge and is available in black with stainless steel blades and silver with black stainless steel blades. Pricing is set at $159.99 and are supported by Xikar’s limited lifetime warranty.


The Xikar 10mm Punch Cutter gets its name from its 10mm Stainless Steel blade. It is a twist-action punch that snaps to two cutting depths. It also features a pinpoint centering guide and a key ring. The Xikar 10mm Punch Cutter comes in four colors: bronze, gunmetal, gold, and silver. Pricing is set at $64.99 and the cutters are supported by Xikar’s limited lifetime warranty.

The Humidor Supreme Porto First Responder Series  features designs that pay homage to firefighters, police, and armed forces. The designs were created at Quality Importers in house customization facility, the Swag Bunker. The units hold 40 to 70 cigars and are priced at $139.99.

The Palió Lazio is highlighted by an angled single-jet flame. The Palió Lazio is available in five colors: red, blue, chrome-plated, gunmetal-plated, and black featuring a rubberized finish. Keeping to the value-based pricing, the suggested retail price of the Lazio is $14.99.

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Photo Credits: Quality Importers Trading Company