In what has now become somewhat of a tradition on Special Edition, we will do a cigar show while the 2022 Election Results come in.

We will look at the results from the key Gubernatorial, Senate, and House races. While the results are pouring in, we will some cigars and see as the tabulations come in! Plus the 2022 Inductees for the Cigar Aficionado Hall of Fame have been announced and we will weigh in as win.

Tonight’s Tabacalera USA Giveaway is an Trinidad Espiritu No. 2 Gift Set. It features a Volleyball, USB Charger/Speaker, a cap, and a flag. The Volleyball has been something quite sought after.

Finally, we have our United Cigars Presidents segment, and our Tabacalera USA Great Things are Happening Segment.

All of this is on the newsmagazine show for the cigar industry – Prime Time Special Edition. Tune in on Facebook Live for the live stream – 9:15 pm EST, 8:15 pm CST. Please also bookmark our schedule to keep track of the list of upcoming shows.

NOTE: We are asking our audience to leave their politics at the door. This is a show where we will look at the results coming in and smoke a cigar. Our audience has been great the past few years in doing this, but a reminder that flame wars and personal attacks on candidates or audience members will have a zero tolerance policy in our livestream or social media channels. Please keep this stuff to yourself or outside of stream/social media tonight.

Photo Credits: Cigar Coop