Quality Importers Trading Company has announced the launch of two Palió branded gift sets meant to coincide with the holiday season.

Both Palió Gift Sets feature a Palió Vesuvio Triple Torch Lighter in green. One gift set features a Palió Straight Cutter in black and the other features a gray cutter. Both sets retail for $34.99.

Michael Giannini, Chief of Consumer Engagement, said “When you are in need of that perfect gift for your cigar enthusiast loved one, and don’t know where to turn, QI is here to save the day! These gift sets are the perfect price point for all consumers featuring the iconic Palio cutter and one of the best triple torches in the game with the Palio Vesuvio. Happy Holidays from the entire QI Family!”

The gift sets are shipping to retailers nationwide as of today.

Image Credit: Quality Importers Trading Company