Indiana Ortez has announced she is launching her own company, Casa de Ortez. The new company will release its first brand Primavera this spring.

Indiana is the daughter of Omar Ortez and represents the third generation of the Ortez family in the cigar business. The Ortez family has its operations in Condega, Nicaragua and Indiana will be working with her family leveraging the expertise of her family. Prior to launching Casa de Ortez, Indiana served as the General Manager of Mombacho Cigars S.A.

The new company will not only showcase the cigar-making capabilities of the Ortez family, but showcase the tobacco region of Condega as a whole.

“One of the more important things I have learned is in tobacco you have to do things correctly to last. Casa De Ortez is the way the history of my family and our work can be told and shared. I am so excited to finally launch and work even closer alongside my family, and I will humbly try to do Condega justice and work to make it a household name for cigar enjoyers everywhere.”

As for the Primavera line, details are still forthcoming, but the company says Ortez has completed the blends and it will consist of three vitolas.

Photo/Image Credits: Casa de Ortez