Luxury lifestyle brand owner Omar McGee has announced he will enter the world of cigars. McGee, who is the CEO of The Posh Collection, will be collaborating with Christian Eiroa of C.L.E. Cigar Company to produce his cigar which is called the Rose Gold Reserve Cigar.

McGee’s The Posh Collection is known for providing luxury car rentals, private jets, and luxury vacation homes. He has also starred in the TNT television series, “Million Dollar Wheels” from executive producer Jamie Foxx. This series follows a diverse group of top luxury and supercar dealers in the world as they find and sell the most exclusive and luxurious vehicles in existence to an elite clientele. The Rose Gold Reserve Cigar is seen as an extension to McGee’s luxury lifestyle brand.

“When you are providing the best cars and exclusive experiences for clients, offering cigars as an extension of the brand is not forgiving. You must get it right the first time,” commented McGee in a press release. “Christian’s masterful skill with tobacco aligns with how I approach everything I do.”

The Rose Gold Reserve Cigar will be provided to The Posh Collection clientele and sold worldwide. Blend details, size, pricing, availability, and distribution of the cigar are still to be announced.