C.L.E. Cigar Company has announced a super-premium blend under the Asylum brand known as Asylum Sensorium. The cigar features a tobacco grown by Julio Eiroa known as Piñareno.

Sensorium is defined as: “The parts of the brain or the mind concerned with the reception and interpretation of sensory stimuli.” According to C.L.E., “The Asylum Sensorium cigar is a complex flavor bomb with the goal of stimulating the entire palate of the smoker.”

The cigar is a Honduran puro that includes the Eiroa family’s signature Authentic Corojo, but the company says the inclusion of the Cuban-seed Piñareno in the filler is what makes this blend special.

In a press release Christian Eiroa, President of C.L.E. Cigar Company stated: “The Asylum brand of cigars allows us to keep pushing [the] boundaries. This is what the consumer expects from us. Such was the case this time, with the Asylum Sensorium. We used some first-generation Piñareno seed from Cuba, my father grew in Jamastran. He has had this seed for decades, but had not grown it since 1979, when blue mold swept through Honduras in 1977. Any attempts to grow it in Honduras have yielded continuous losses of 25 – 40% on the field, due to its susceptibility to everything.
Piñareno is truly the tastiest tobacco I have ever tasted, and I feel it is worth the sacrifice.

“One could say that I am “all in” with the Piñareno tobacco and the Sensorium will be the first time someone gets to try it. This tobacco is so special to me that we are only offering it to those with whom we can sit down and explain the cigar to. This means that both Tom and I will be doing a lot of traveling as we introduce this new tobacco.”

Tom Lazuka, C.L.E. Cigars VP of Sales, and co-founder of Asylum added,” Christian and I are especially proud of this blend. The Asylum Sensorium was a long time in the making, we are confident that this blend will bring something new to the table for the Asylum Cigar smoker.”

The Asylum Sensorium comes in twenty-count boxes. Each cigar sits in its own coffin. It will be offered in two sizes: Asen 18 (11/18) and Asen 60 (60 x 6). This will be the most premium offering by Asylum to date with the Asen 18 and Asen 20 going for $50.00 per cigar and $60.00 per cigar respectively.

Photo Credits: C.L.E. Cigar Company