Earlier this month, Louisiana Governor John Bell Edwards signed H.B. 111 into law. This law addresses the tax-exempt status for cigars and pipe tobacco at Premium Cigar Association (PCA) trade shows when held in the state of Louisiana. Previously this exemption was set to expire at the end of 2025, but now the exemption has been extended until 2030.

The tax exemption is considered a key element in the PCA’s consideration of bringing future trade shows to New Orleans. The PCA has been quite public in saying that New Orleans could be in contention to host a PCA Trade Show. New Orleans last hosted a PCA Trade Show in 2015.

Scott Pearce, PCA Executive Director stated, “We sincerely appreciate this act of the Louisiana legislature and the signature by the Governor for this important bill. With there being so few places across the nation capable of hosting the trade show, this is another action that depicts support and a sense of welcome for our industry.”

According to the PCA, New Orleans & Company, the former New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau, presented testimony in support of the bill noting that the trade show has a $13.9 million economic impact on the state and city.

Glynn Loope, Director of State Advocacy for PCA added, “PCA was pleased to endorse this legislation and extends its appreciation to Representative Hughes and the Governor for their support. The bipartisan nature of this action and the margins of its passage in the House and Senate clearly depicts how New Orleans and the State of Louisiana welcome the industry.”