Illusione Fuerte y Libre Fuerte y Libre Cigars Inc. has announced that Fumare Internationale, the parent company of Illusione Cigars, will handle its fulfillment and warehousing. The move is scheduled for January 1, 2024.

“Fumare Internationale’s position as a brand owner, coupled with over fifteen years in the cigar industry, make them a premier addition to Fuerte y Libre’s growth strategy in 2024 and an invaluable component of our five year plan,” commented Greg Free, President of Fuerte y Libre. He added, “Our strategy for growth has always placed a high value on peer to peer relationships with the top retail shops, marketers and Business to Business service providers. This exciting collaboration is an extension of that commitment to quality and growth.”

“We are excited to welcome Greg Free and Fuerte y Libre Cigars to the family and look forward to an amazing 2024,” commented Howard Lenox of Fumare Internationale.

Fuerte y Libre was founded in 2018 and is based in Virginia. The company currently has eight blends encompassing 20 facings. Fuerte y Libre is now one of many companies being distributed by the parent company of Illusione Cigars.

“The five year mark is when people start talking about you as ‘That New Brand’. With Fumare Internationale as our new fulfillment partner we will ensure that 2024 is the year Fuerte y Libre Cigars graduates from a new brand to an established boutique provider of premium cigars,” stated Free.