Sixth Freestyle Live Kit

Drew Estate has announced its sixth Freestyle Live Kit. This is a mechanism Drew Estate uses to give consumers a chance to sample a cigar before it is announced. News of the upcoming Freestyle Live Kit was made on Drew Estate’s January 18, 2024 Freestyle Live Broadcast.

The kit includes three of the new premium cigars (unbanded), a keychain/luggage handle, a lighter, and a cigar cutter that also functions as a cigar rest. The packs will include a QR code, which purchasers can follow to enter a sweepstakes to win prizes.

Drew Estate will begin shipping the kits on Monday, January 22nd. The company says it is planning to reveal what the cigar is on its March 15th, 2024 edition of Freestyle Live. The March 15th date is a week ahead of the 2024 Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show. It is anticipated this cigar will be showcased at the Trade Show.

Previous Freestyle Live mystery cigars that have turned into Drew Estate brands include Undercrown 10, 20 Acre Farm, Nica Rustica Adobe, Blackened M81, and Liga Privada H99 Papas Fritas.

Several retailers have listed the Freestyle Live Kit at $40.00. Please consult Drew Estate for participating retailers who will be carrying the Freestyle Live pack.