Nick Syris LH

For Special Edition 157, we welcome back Nick Syris of LH Cigars.

Nick has a lot on his plate to talk about. He just got back from the XXIV Festival Del Habano plus he has new releases coming with LH Cigars. On top of all of that, Nick is now back in the media with Simply Stogies where he will be once again covering the PCA Trade Show.

Plus, we have our Vintage Rock-A-Feller Cigar Group U.S. History segment, Tabacalera USA Great Things are Happening Here, and Espinosa This Day in Sports History segments.


All of this is on the newsmagazine show for the cigar industry – Prime Time Special Edition. Tune into #157 with Nick Syris of LH Cigars on Facebook Live for the live stream – 9:15 pm EST, 8:15 pm CST.