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Every year since the company first came to the Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show, Crowned Heads has brought a new release, and the 2024 PCA Trade Show was no exception. One thing we like to do in our PCA recaps is to come up with a theme for a company. This year, I decided the theme for Crowned Heads was showcasing releases coming from its primary factory partners. These factories are Casa Carrillo, NACSA, and Eradio Pichardo’s TacNicsa.

The big new release is Coroneta. Coroneta is a two-blend release available in both a Habano and Maduro wrapper. The Habano blend comes from NACSA, while the Maduro comes from Casa Carrillo. Both the Habano and Maduro blends will share the vitola names and sizes: Earl (5 x 52), Duke (5 1/2 x 54), and Baron (6 x 56). The names of the vitolas are derived from the various crowns of British heraldry worn by the lower ranks of nobility in the 16th century. Both blends have identical pricing for the vitolas, ranging from $12.95 to $14.95. The Habano and Maduro are shipping in April 2024.

Moreover, Coroneta Habano features an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper over a Nicaraguan binder and fillers from Nicaragua’s Estelí, Condega, and Jalapa regions.

Photo Credit: Cigar Coop

In contrast, Coroneta Maduro features a Mexican San Andres wrapper over an Ecuadorian Connecticut binder and filler tobaccos from Nicaragua, Pennsylvania, and the Dominican Republic.

Photo Credit: Cigar Coop

Moving on to the TacNicsa factory, we have Blood Medicine. Blood Medicine used to be an event-only cigar. This year, It is coming out as a national limited edition. The event-only release is a 5 x 50 Robusto, and the national limited release is a 6 x 50 Toro.

Crowned Heads has its headquarters in the city of Nashville. Blood Medicine takes its name from a building on the corner of Broadway and 4th Avenue in downtown Nashville. The original structure was a three-story building built in 1872. On the third floor, there was a wholesale drug company that was famous for producing the alcohol and opium-based “Blood Medicine.” From 1892 to 1988, the building was The Merchant’s Hotel. In recent years, the building has been home to Merchants Restaurant. The name “Blood Medicine” can still be seen on the brick wall at that location.

Blood Medicine was initially released in 2015 and produced at the My Father Cigars factory. The 2022 return saw the production of Blood Medicine come out of Eladio Pichardo’s TacaNicsa factory. The blend features an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, Ecuadorian Connecticut binder, and all Nicaraguan fillers. There are 1,500 twelve-count boxes. The SRP is $11.95 per cigar.

Photo Credit: Crowned Heads

Last but not least, the Mil Días Maduro debuted at TPE 2024. Not surprisingly, it has been generating a lot of buzz. Mil Días has been one of Crowned Heads’ most successful brands over the years.  The Mil Días Maduro is also produced at TacNicsa, and it features a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper over a Habano binder and all Nicaraguan fillers. Presented in 20-count boxes, there are three sizes available: Edmundo (5 3/8 x 52), Sublime (6 x 54), and Topes (4 7/8 x 56). Pricing for the Mil Días line ranges from $10.95 to $12.50.

Photo Credit: Crowned Heads

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