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The 2024 Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show is the eighth one for JRE Tobacco Co. Every year, the booth is one of the busiest at the Trade Show, and 2024 was no exception. JRE’s focus has been innovation over the past four to five years. JRE used the PCA Trade Show to launch two new innovative lines: the Aladino Fuma Noche and Aladino Cameroon Reserva. In addition, a sixth size was introduced to the Aladino Maduro.

First up is the Aladino Fuma Noche. Fuma Noche is a rich, dense, full-bodied cigar. The name translates to “night smoke” and is designed to be smoked at the end of the day. It’s a Maduro-wrapped cigar over undisclosed tobacco varieties from JRE Tobacco. Perhaps the most interesting thing is that this cigar doesn’t contain Authentic Corojo, the signature tobacco from JRE. Presented in 16-count boxes, the Fuma Noche comes in one size – a 54 x 6 1/4 Super Toro. The cigar comes in at a price point of $16.00 SRP. The Aladino Fuma Noche has arrived on retail shelves.

Photo Credit: Cigar Coop

Second, on the Maduro front, Aladino has a line extension in the form of a 6 1/2 x 60 Gordo. The wrapper uses a San Andres leaf. Meanwhile, the remainder of the blend features tobacco from the JRE Tobacco farm for the binder and filler. Presented in 20-count boxes, the Gordo measures 60 x 6 1/2. The Aladino Maduro Gordo comes in at $12.50 SRP per cigar. This cigar has arrived on retailer shelves.

Thirdly, the Aladino Cameroon Reserva, one of the most innovative blends going into the trade show, was announced the eve before the 2024 show. The Cameroon Reserva is a cigar comprising 100% Cameroon tobacco grown on the JRE Tobacco farms. Julio R. Eiroa and Justo Eiroa have been developing it since 2017. Presented in 12-count boxes, the Aladino Cameroon Reserva comes in one size—a 52 x 6 Toro at a $22.00 price point. The Aladino Cameroon Reserva will ship in June, but JRE says Aladino Lounges will receive their shipment in May.

Photo Credit: Cigar Coop


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