Cigar Hustler Rabbit Hole

On Prime Time Jukebox Episode 132, our third installment of Down the Rabbit Hole features guest DJs Mike Szczepankiewicz and Mike Palmer of Cigar Hustler.

The concept works as follows: The group starts with a familiar song and then goes down the path of selecting a song inspired by that song. Each will go through eight iterations of this exercise and choose a song from the inspired previous song selected. Ultimately, we will see where this journey takes each of them.

We also have music news, cigar news, the Developing Palates Review of the Week, and Dave’s New Music 45.

Dave smoked the Powstanie SBC 22 for this show, and Coop smoked the Bangarang.

Tune in to the premiere of Prime Time Jukebox Episode 132: Down the Rabbit Hole #3 w/ Mike & Mike of Cigar Hustler on YouTube on Monday June 24, 2024 at 8pm ET.

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