Down the Rabbit Hole #4

On Prime Time Jukebox Episode 134, we present Down the Rabbit Hole #4 – our 4th installment of this series.

The concept works as follows:  Dave and Coop start with a familiar song and then go down the path of selecting a song inspired by that song. Each will go through ten iterations of this exercise and choose a song from the inspired previous song selected. Ultimately, we will see where this journey takes each of them.

Plus we got music news, cigar news, the music pairing of the week, and the Developing Palates Review of the Week

In this episode, Dave smokes the Herrera Esteli Short Corona Gorda and Coop smokes The American Toro by J.C. Newman Cigar Company

You can watch Down the Rabbit Hole #4 in real-time on our YouTube page, and it will also premiere on our Facebook page on  July 8 at a special 7pm ET time.

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