Mombacho Cigars SA will unveil new packaging and banding to its regular production lines Liga Maestro and Tierra Volcán. The packaging will give a consistent look and feel. The new packaging for Liga Maestro will make its debut at the 2016 IPCPR Trade Show with Tierra Volcán following later in the year.

Both Liga Maestro and Tierra Volcán will now have a common primary band with the Mombacho name and logo. The secondary band will denote the specific line – i.e. Liga Maestro or Tierra Volcán.  Each of the lines will have a unique color scheme. Liga Maestro will debut with black and gold.


The use of the Mombacho as brand name has been a contentious issue between Mombacho Cigars SA and Tabacalera Tropical in terms of who owns the trademark. Late last month, first reported the issue is being taken up in court. The Tierra Volcán line is marketed as Mombacho outside the U.S. The legal issues could be the reason for deferring the Tierra Volcán rebranding until later this year

Photo Credits: All photos in this article provided by Mombacho Cigars SA.