Starting December 1st – through December 31st, the ultimate Cigar ranking begins.  My 2010 Cigar of the Year countdown.   This year, I will pick 30 cigars and begin the process of elimination to determine my 2010 Cigar of the Year.

The process will be similar to last year.  I will select 30 finalists of cigars that I think are worthy of the honor.  Each day, I will eliminate a cigar by determining what cigar I am most likely to part with.   While I have assessed many of these cigars as “Memorable” or “Nice to Have”, it does not mean that all “Memorables” will beat out the “Nice to Haves”.

For the most part these will be new releases throughout the year.  My “year” will actually run from December 1, 2009 through November 30th, 2010.   For the most part these will be new releases, although it is possible for a cigar that made it into more widespread distribution to be on the list.

Sticks that are of the same blend (Wrapper, Binder, or Filler) but have been made in a new size or shape are ineligible for the list.  For example, CAO introduced the Lx2 in a 6 x 60 size, but there was no change to the blend, therefore this stick will not be eligible.   I will select a new “Best Vitola” for these sticks following the completion of the Top 30.  But for Alec Bradley’s new Maxx with the Connecticut wrapper – this is eligible because there has been a change to the blend.

There will be one vitola recommended per stick.   I probably have not smoked each vitola of every stick, so it is possible I’ve missed something here.  This list is a human effort, and obviously there will be room for human error.