I recently posted some information about the Pleasure Police posturing in Minneapolis, Minnesota to ban sampling in Tobacco stores.   My information was slightly incorrect, but nonetheless even more urgent than I originally stated.

My words were “The City of Minneapolis has a proposed bill to ban tobacco sampling at retail tobacco shops. ”   I then went on to explain the impact that this could have on the future of cigar events as this is a primary mechanism where I thought “sampling” occurs.

After reading the Cigar Aficionado article, I realized this proposed bill is much more catastrophic.   It pretty much not just bans sampling at events in tobacco shops, it bans all types of sampling – a.k.a. smoking in Tobacco shops at any time.   I don’t need to say the impact this would have.

The Pleasure Police are miserable people.  To go after smoking in Tobacco stores is nothing more than reflection of that misery.   My motto is “It’s all about the sticks – namely the smoke, the craft, and the people.”  It is the PEOPLE that are possibly the most important component to that motto.  When you walk into a Cigar store, you instantly make friends.  It’s rare to find a fight break out in a cigar lounge – and in most cases, everyone’s happy.

Please sign the CRA petition.  It will take you 15 seconds maximum.   Protect your rights and also protect our industry.