#25 Guillermo Leon Signature

Continuing “30 Sticks in 31 Days”, my Top 30 2010 Cigar of the Year countdown, it is time for the sixth selection…

For #25 on the list, I selected the  Guillermo Leon Signature.   This is a new stick that has hit the shelves this autumn and is a part of the Miami Cigar family.  The composition of this cigar is really intriguing.   For starters this cigar contains a beautiful Ecuadorian Habana wrapper, but it really is the filler and binder that are the story of this cigar.   The filler is a mix of tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Brazil, and Peru (I’ve been impressed with Peruvian fillers).  The binder is actually a double binder of both Corojo and Cameroon.  The Corojo binder contributes to the strength of the stick and the Cameroon binder gives it  sweetness.

And it is the sweetness of this cigar that really is most impressive.  While the cigar has pepper, earth, and wood notes to start, it really is the sweetness of this stick which is the dominant note as you get into the smoke. I had trouble pinning exactly what type of sweetness this was, but it was a cross between nuts, earth, and cedar.  Overall the stick is definitely medium to full in body and strength.

I still need to provide a more detailed review of this one.  Look for this in 2011.

Recommended Vitola: Gran Corona (6 x 47)