In the past few weeks, we’ve seen Alec Bradley and Miami Cigars announce cigars that are going to be exclusive to the New York market.  This means that these cigars are going to only be sold by a New York State tobacconist.  It now appears that Gurkha is now the third company.

The new Gurkha Cigars are entitled “Para La Gente” and are going to be exclusive to the New York Cigar market.   I do not have details on the blend or construction as of yet.

De La Concha Tobacconist in New York – located at 1390 Avenue of the Americas (Between 56th & 57th Street) will be having a launch event for Gurkha on Thursday (12/16/10) and the new Alec Bradley New York on Friday (12/17/10).   (I always recommend stopping at De La Concha in New York)

I’ll reiterate my personal thoughts on the the New York exclusives:

While this may disappoint many, this is a much needed jolt for New York tobacconists.  New York has been hit hard by high taxes and the city has to deal with the Pleasure Police General himself, Mayor Mike Bloomberg/New York could really use a jolt as this is still an important market – and a market that needs protection.   However, this could be a double-edged sword.  If these sticks are not home runs, they may end up sitting on the shelves – especially given the price points.

I’ll post more details as I get them.