Aging Room Cigars – M356

In the past few years, Oliveros has been expanding the brands in their portfolio.  Such notable new brands that have been added to the Oliveros family have been the King Havano and Swag Cigar lines.    At IPCPR this year, Oliveros plans to unveil another new brand into their family of cigars.   This one is called “Aging Room Cigars”.

The Aging Room Cigars line is based on a concept where often there are some very good and rare tobaccos that are made available, but not enough to make a cigar to satisfy production level targets.  Aging Room Cigars seeks to do limited short batch releases of cigars with these tobaccos.

The first release is an all-Dominican cigar called the M356.   The name stands for “Monday December 22 2008” (356 is the day of the year of 2008) – the day the blend was created.

Rafael Nodal, the President of Oliveros Cigars goes into more details in the video below.   Nodal also discusses an interesting story how Jose Blanco came to them with some tobaccos originally earmarked for the Swag Cigar, but there was not enough to make the production levels desired.  It was these tobaccos that went into the M356.

Blend Profile
Wrapper: Habano
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican

There will be four vitolas available:

Major: 6.5 x 60
Mezzo: 6 x 54
Rondo: 5 x 50
Presto 4.5 x 48

I will post more details as they come on by.   Here is a link to the web-site.