Earlier this year Emilio Cigars’ brand developer, Gary Grffith made a decision to re-brand the company’s popular Grimalkin line.   Griffith selected to include the Grimalkin as a part of his new La Musa line.   This past week, Griffith has made some information available on his blog around some of the progress of this re-branding as well as some future plans for the line.  The La Musa line has a Greek mythology theme to it.

Grimalkin Renamed to La Musa

First up, as the the Grimalkin rebranding, nothing has really changed except for the fact that a logo has been selected. The renaming of the Grimalkin will represent only one of the blends in the La Musa line.  This cigar will be the core cigar of the line.   There will be no other changes in terms of the blend.  While the same vitolas will be available, Griffith also announced a corona blend would be added.

The original Grimalkin was rated as our the #9 Cigar of the Year.

The New Blends of the La Musa Family

Back in January, Griffith announced that there would be three additional blends added to the La Musa family.  These are called Melete, Aoide, and Mneme and the plan was to produce all of the La Musa blends from the same factory as the original Grimalkin.   For those unfamiliar
with Greek mythology, these are the names of three Greek Muses that were
inspiring goddesses of song, poetry, and the arts.  In Greek mythology,
Metele, Aoide, and Mneme were all sisters.   Since then Griffith has given some additional details on some of these new releases.   Like the original Grimalkin, Griffith has chosen not to disclose the blend details or vitola sizes.

The La Musa Melete is targeted for a post IPCPR release, but will be on display at the trade show.  Griffith describes the Melete as “a somewhat stronger, yet equally complex cigar to the original”.

The La Musa Aoide is targeted as a Summer 2013 release, so we are looking at something long-term. Griffith describes the Aoide as “a much milder cigar with a tremendous amount of nuance”.

No details of the Mneme have been released at this time.

La Musa Lancero Releases

Each of the La Musa blends will see a lancero release.  The plan is for this to be a limited release with a single production of 250 boxes for each of the blends.   No details on a timetable have been disclosed.

La Musa Limitado

Griffith says a 2013 La Musa Limitado is in the works for a 2013 release.  The plan is for this cigar to be released as a toro vitola.  It is planned to be a true limited release as it will only be released a single time.

Source: While Emilio Cigars’ has made this information available on their web site, we have also been given permission to use this information.  We thank Emilio Cigars and Gary Griffith to their support.