(Miami, Florida) June 25, 2012— Dona Flor U.S.A.
is excited to introduce their brand new marketing campaign to the U.S.
market.  The “Find Your Dona Flor” campaign is a play off the famous
Brazilian novel that the cigar brand was named after. “Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands
(just like the Dona Flor cigar) encompasses the passion, lust, desire,
sounds and culture of the Bahia region in Brazil, which is where Dona
Flor cigars are manufactured. The ads will be featured in Cigar Aficionado, Cigar Snob Magazine, and other widely read cigar publications.
Dona Flor U.S.A. recently
made the announcement that the 100% Brazilian cigars known for its
distinct flavors is ready for its much awaited comeback to the U.S.
market. Legal issues which have now been resolved kept Brazil’s
best-selling cigars off the shelves in the U.S. until now. American
businessman and cigar enthusiast Chris Edge is ready to begin
distribution here in the U.S. After visiting Brazil and the Bahia
region, Edge felt that the new campaign needed to reflect the story of
Dona Flor and her two Husbands. Mario Mendez, the founder of Menendez
Amerino who manufactures Dona Flor cigars was a close personal friend of
Jorge Armando, the author of the novel. Armando named and based an
important character in the book after Mario Mendez and in return Mendez
created and named Dona Flor cigars after the novel.
novel takes place in Bahia where Dona Flor cigars are actually
manufactured and is about a woman (Flor) who has a love/hate
relationship with her irresponsible husband (Vadinho)
who suddenly passes away. She promptly misses his lust and love for
life even though those close to her felt she was better off with him out
of her life. She later re-marries a man who was everything her first
husband was not. The dull pharmacist (Teodoro)
was the responsible man she envisioned her first husband being, but
lacked his fire and passion. On the anniversary of his death, Vadinho
appears to Flor in the nude and explains that she called him to share
her bed with him. Only she can see the spirit of Vadinho. After she
protests as she wants to stay faithful to Teodoro she eventually gives
in and lives happily with both husbands. The novel reflects Dona Flor
Cigars philosophy which is to maintain balance and savor the moment
before its gone. The novel was later turned into a feature length film
and 35 years later it is still the highest grossing film in Brazil. One
can easily see that “Dona Flor” is literally interwoven in Brazilian
culture. Dona Flor Cigars presents a real chance for Americans to savor
the moment Brazilian style.
“Find your Dona Flor” campaign challenges the consumer to live life
with passion and flair. To enjoy the special moments we have as if they
were our last. To find the passion in your life and to hang on to those
special little moments that make up the tapestry of our lives. Your
wife, husband, children, friends acquaintances are all so very important
that we sometimes lose our sight on the important things in life. Find
your passions, Find your Dona Flor. The ads are an expression of
individuality and passion using the colors of Brazil and the spirit of
Dona Flor. This is a Dona Flor cigar: Passion. Dona Flor cigars are
created by Cuban descendants who have the passion for perfect tobacco,
the perfect soil, the perfect flavor, recipe for a truly perfect cigar.
Menendez Amerino which is celebrating 35 years in existence is
ready to share with the U.S. its Brazilian passion for life through
their award-winning Dona Flor cigars. With 5 unique blends 10 different
sizes of 100% Brazilian tobacco, we challenge you to FIND YOUR DONA
The IPCPR in Orlando will be the platform for the unveiling of Dona Flor cigars which have garnered ratings from Cigar Aficionado Magazine
of 92, 89, and 88. Dona Flor’s cigars are 100% “puro” with filler,
binder, and wrapper all grown in Bahia which makes the final product one
of the most unique and flavorful premium cigars in the world.

Source: This press release was sent by Creativas Group
Public Relations, a group that handles public relations for Dona Flor
Cigars. Cigar Coop will post press releases as a service to all
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