In this cigar conversation, we talk to Clint Aaron, the president of 262 Cigars.  Prior to the show, we identified 262 Cigars as one of our five boutique companies to watch 2012 IPCPR Trade Show.  This was 262 Cigars’ first trade show and judging by the activity at the booth, 262 lived up to expectations.

Clint will start out by giving his early impressions of the IPCPR Trade Show and why he thinks there has been a lot of activity at his booth.  Clint then goes into the background of 262 Cigars and how it ties in with fighting for cigar rights against the hypocrisy of government regulation against the industry.

Clint walks us through the evolution of his lines, first starting with the Paradigm followed by the Ideology, and the newly launched Revere.  Clint gives us an early preview of what we can expect from the Revere.   He then takes us through some of the line extensions to the Paradigm and Ideology.

When we got into our discussion on industry trends, the topic of conversation is around ring gauges.  Clint talks about how he finally agreed to embrace one trend, and go against the grain with another trend.  Both efforts have been successful.

Note: As you can see from this interview, I lost my voice and had dry throat.  However, luckily Clint has all of the interesting things to say.  I thank Clint for his patience during this conversation.