Room 101 Master Collection 1 Lancero (Test Bland)

Room 101 Cigars will have a limited edition series that will be launched in 2013 called the Room 101 Master Collection.  There will be two different blends making up this line – the Room 101 Master Collection 1 and the Room 101 Master Collection 2.  Test blends of the Room 101 Master Collection 1 were handed out to attendees  at the Room 101’s Pre Event Dinner at the Great Smoke in West Palm Beach, Florida.  It was at this dinner where attendees also received the new Room 101 Big Delicious – a retail exclusive cigar to Smoke Inn.

The plan is for the Room 101 Master Collection Series to be launched in two cycles.  The Room 101 Master Collection 1 will be launched in the July, 2013 timeframe.   The Room 101 Master Collection 2 will be launched later in the Fall of 2013.   According to Room 101 Cigars founder Matt Booth and Head of Marketing Dylan Austin, the plan is each blend of this limited edition series to be a one time release.

As mentioned, the Room 101 Master Collection 1 was a test blend.  Both Booth and Austin both said that the blend was still being finalized.  The Room 101 Master Collection 1 does contain a Habana 2000 wrapper.   No other blend details were disclosed.  No information was provided about the Room 101 Master Collection 2.

The vitola handed out at the event was a lancero.  Booth told us that each line will consist of multiple vitolas, but he was “pretty sure” the lancero would be one of them.  The other frontmarks were not disclosed.

Finally packaging is also still being finalized, but Booth and Austin were promising some innovative packaging and banding for the cigars.

We had an opportunity to sample the test blend of the Room 101 Master Collection 1.  We found the cigar to be heading in a very positive direction.  The cigar had an excellent burn and draw.   It consisted of a solid flavor profile with notes of earth, pepper, chicory, and coffee.

Austin also commented to us that the Room 101 releases will be part of what will be a busy year for Room 101 and Camacho Cigars in 2013.  In addition to the Room 101 Master Collection, the brand also has plans to launch an extension to the Namakubi line called the Room 101 Namakubi Ecuador.