Emilio Cigars has announced a new cigar for the second week in a row.  On his Facebook page, and then on his blog, brand developer Gary Griffith announced the “Mia Dora”.  This is a new cigar line that will be launched at the 2013 IPCPR Trade Show in Las Vegas.  Griffith has said the name of the cigar is “dedicated to the beautiful woman I love“.

For the Mia Dora, Griffith once again will team up with A.J. Fernandez to produce the blend.  Griffith and Fernandez have collaborated on the Emilio AF1, Emilio AF2, Emilio AF Suave, and the unreleased Carpe Noctem cigar lines.

Griffith did say the Mia Dora will have a Habano Rosado wrapper and Nicaraguan fillers.  There were no details on the sizes that will be made.

Griffith mentioned the packaging will “feature themes and colors from the flag of Ascoli Piceno“.   This is a small city in Italy where Dora’s family is from.

Last week, Emilio Cigars announced the second release of the Draig series, the Draig Cayuquero.