Avion 13s – will be offered in Broadleaf and a limited
Habano (Picture linked via Tatuaje Cigars Facebook

Tatuaje Cigars announced on their Facebook page, that there will be two blends that will be a part of the Avion 13 offerings – a Habano Ecuador wrapper option and a Broadleaf wrapper option.

In the post, it was explained that during the production process, a decision was made to change the usual Habano Ecuador wrapper offering to Broadleaf for the Avion 13.  However, production had already started on the original Avion 13 with the Habano Wrapper and 7,500 cigars were produced.   A decision has been made to sell the Avion 13 Habanos that were produced in bundles of 10 (for a total of 750) and tag them as “limiteds”.

No other blend details or sizing information was posted.

The Avion line was launched in 2011. It originally was intended to be a series of annual release vitolas that are based on the Tatuaje Fausto blend.  The Avion 11 was a box-press perfecto maturing 6 3/4 x 48/52.  The Avion 12 was a slightly smaller box-press perfecto measuring 5 5/8 x 48/52.  Both the Avion 11 and Avion 12 used a Habano Ecuador Maduro wrapper.