Asylum 13 Authentic Corojo – Robusto

The Asylum 13 Authentic Corojo has begun shipping to retailers.  This cigar represents the latest addition to Asylum Cigars popular Asylum 13 line.

The Asylum 13 Authentic Corojo represents a major change in direction for both the Asylum 13 brand and Asylum Cigars overall.  Up until now, Asylum has primarily focused on Nicaraguan blends.  The Asylum 13 Authentic Corojo is an all Honduran puro featuring an authentic corojo seed wrapper grown on Christian Eiroa’s family farm.  As many know Asylum Cigars is one of the brands under Eiroa’s Fabricas Unicas umbrella.

In a conversation that Cigar Coop had with Eiroa, he indicated the cigars shipped have been aging for several months now.  These cigars were shipped with same band found on the rest of the Asylum 13 line.  Eiroa indicated there would be a band change to help better identify the Asylum 13 Authentic Corojo line from the core (Nicaraguan) Asylum 13 cigar.

Click here for our preview we did in March, 2013 of the Asylum 13 Authentic Corojo.