Screwpop Cigar Cutter (Top to Bottom: Stainless Steel, Black Titanium)

The Screwpop Cigar Cutter is a new cigar accessory introduced by Screwpop LLC. Screwpop is a company that has made small, pocket-sized tools that each have the ability to attach to something like a belt loop, key chain, or other things. In 2009 the company,introduced their first product – the Screwpop Screwdriver. A little over two years ago, the company expanded into the arena of cigar accessories introducing the first Screwpop Cigar Punch. Over the past year, the company has  re-designed their cigar punch with the release of the Screwpop Cigar Punch 2.0. During the past year, they have also introduced their first cigar cutter, the Screwpop Cigar Cutter. Over the past few weeks I’ve put the Screwpop Cigar Cutter to the test. While I’ve found Screwpop’s Cigar Punch products to be impressive, I was a little more disappointed with Screwpop’s Cigar Cutter.

Product Overview

Consistent with the other Screwpop Cigar Accessories, the Screwpop Cigar Cutter is a combination of a cigar cutter and a bottle opener. Also keeping true to Screwpop tradition, there is a key ring which allows the Screwpop Cigar Cutter to be attached to a key chain.

Screwpop Cigar Cutter Bottle Opener
Screwpop Cigar Cutter – Blades


Screwpop Cigar Cutter – Key Ring

Device Specifications / Packaging

The Screwpop Cigar Cutter  is available in Stainless Steel or Black Titanium.  There is a brass ring around the eyelet. The cutter consists of a double-blade. The company says the cutter is rust resistant, so theoretically it can be stored outdoors.

The device itself is thin and compact. It measure 1/8″ x 1 ” x 3″ and weights 1.2 ounces.


Screwpop Cigar Cutter (Left to Righ: Stainless Steel, Black Titanium)

Cigar Cutter


To cut a cigar you open the device and position it around the cap of the cigar.   The blades work on everything from cigarillos to gordo sized cigars.


Positioning the Screwpop Cigar Cutter around a cigar cap

The photo above was taken shown with positioning the cutter around the cap with one hand. This was done for photography purposes.  Screwpop recommends a two handed approach to do the cut as illustrated in the diagram below.


Illustration of two-handed approach to using the
Screwpop Cigar Cutter

According to Screwpop: The dominant hand (1) should hold the Cigar Cutter (2) with the aid of the other hand (3) for added pressure when holding the cigar (4).

Usage Evaluation

  • Whether you close the device or close to cut it, there is quite a bit of resistance.  Even after much usage, I still found quite a bit of tension on the drive..
  • The fact you can use this on anything from a cigarillo to a gordo offers a lot of flexibility.
  • Overall, I found using two hands to cut the cigar was awkward. I just couldn’t get used to it. However going to a one handed approach proved to be equally awkward.
  • After many usages, I found it very difficult to get a clean cut.  I found tobacco scraps and wrapper tearing to be quite common. The blades were sharp, but not ultra sharp.  I felt I couldn’t get a clean cut more because awkwardness of using the device, the tension of closing the device, and because the blades were thick.
  • Whether its in the diagram above or on the Screwpop web-site, do not remove a hunk of the cigar -especially if its a parejo. I always say cut it like you want a thin piece of deli meat – just enough to remove the cap.
  • I used this on figuardos and parejos and cigars ranging from lancero to gordo. Vitola size and shape didn’t matter too much in terms of the quality of the cut or the awkwardness of using the device. It was a bit clumsy and the cuts were not clean.

Bottle Opener


Screwpop Cigar Cutter – Bottle Opener

The base of the device serves as a bottle opener. The ring is put on the center of the bottle cap while there is a tooth that rests justs under the cap. A upward pulling motion is then used to remove the cap.

Usage Evaluation

  • Like the cutter, I found removing a bottle cap to be clumsy with the Screwpop Cigar Cutter. This was due to placing the rounded ring on the bottle.  I found the rounded ring had a tendency to slide quite easily.

Key Ring

Screwpop Cigar C

A key ring can be attached to the brass eyelet ring.

Usage Evaluation

  • The ring itself is quite thick. It’s going to take a little work getting a key ring on to it.
  • The more keys that are on this, the more awkward it’s going to be to use this to remove a cigar cap. I found the ring needed to be removed if there are a lot of keys on it. Add to the fact it takes work to get a key ring attached to it, it’s makes things more complicated.

Final Notes

The concept of the Screwpop Cigar Cutter is great. It gives you two devices (a Cigar Cutter and Bottle Opener) that can easily be attached to your key chain. The problem is I felt the Cigar Cutter and the Bottle Opener did not perform as I would have expected. Screwpop products have had a solid track record, but this one falls short. I’ve heard some say this can make a good backup cutter in a “pinch” and to some extent that is a fair assessment. This isn’t a terrible device, but there are better options – including better options from Screwpop itself. While it would’t work for a figuardo, I would recommend getting the Screwpop Cigar Punch instead.

Assessment: Pass


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