The partnership with Terry Johnson’s T.L. Johnson Cigars and Luis Sanchez’s La Tradicion Cubana has come to an end. T.L. Johnson Cigars has announced it is parting ways with La Tradicion Cubana. T.L. Johnson Cigars has also announced plans to open its own factory in the Dominican Republic.

T.L. Johnson Cigars made the following announcement on its Facebook:

T.L. Johnson Cigars is no longer part of the Cuban Tradition Cigar Group. We have decided to part ways with the Cuban Tradition Cigar Group and open our own factory in the Dominican Republic. We will be rolling all T.L. Johnson Cigars as well as Counsellor Cigars and will be taking on producing private label cigars as well. We are exciting about our new endeavor and producing the best quality cigars as you have come to expect from T.L. Johnson Cigars.

Update: On Monday, Luis Sanchez of La Tradicion Cubana responded to the announcement:

After 3 -years working with Tabacalera LTC in Dominican Republic and La Tradicion Cubana in Miami and being part of The Cuban Tradition Cigar Group., TL Johnson Cigars has decided to branch out and open its own cigar factory.
We at Tabacalera LTC, La Tradicion Cubana and The Cuban Tradition Cigar Group are happy that as a result of the great product we produced for TL Johnson Cigars, and the market exposure we provided, they are now able to go out on their own.
Just like a parent is proud and wishes only the best for their child, so we at Tabacalera LTC, La Tradicion Cubana and The Cuban Tradition Cigar Group wish TL Johnson Cigars ‘long ashes’.

The two companies first announced they were coming together in 2013.  Their collaborative efforts included the resurrection of the Counsellor Cigars line as well as a joint farming and leaf processing operation called Compania de Siembra Hojas de Tradicion Announced. T.L. Johnson has said they will now handle production of the Counsellor in their new factory.