1502 Cigars founder Enrique Sanchez Icaza has taken his time in building his four regular production lines in his portfolio.  With his fourth line the 1502 Nicaragua receiving its first line extension this year, many did not expect Sanchez to have a new product at the show.  However Sanchez threw many for a loop, by not only announcing a new product, but the company’s first limited production product – the 1502 XO.


Enrique Sanchez Icaza proudly displays his 1502 XO

The 1502 XO is planned as an annual limited edition production and will be released in a different size each year. This year’s edition is a Toro. It will be packaged in ten count boxes and bands that are each individually numbered. How many boxes? You guessed it – Sanchez’s favorite number, 1502.



As for the blend, Sanchez isn’t disclosing much at this time. He did say it includes 18 year old tobaccos as well as Nicaraguan tobaccos.  The 1502 XO Toro is expected to hit stores this October.