AVO Improvisation LE2017

AVO Cigars has announced the fifth installment of its AVO Improvisation Series will be the AVO Improvisation LE17. This release introduces the AVO brand’s first 6 x 60 limited edition release. It also draws inspiration from three separate AVO releases.

The Avo Improvisation Series was introduced in 2015 and would replace the annual limited edition series introduced in the AVO brand back in 2001. The concept behind this series is to draw inspirations from previous Avo releases to create a whole new cigar. The concept is similar to the relationship of a cover song to an original song. The first four installments were under the “Classic Covers” banner as each used tobaccos from a previous Avo release: Volume 1 covered the Avo Classic Blend, Volume 2 covered the Avo Heritage, Volume 3 covered the AVO XO, and Volume 4 covered the AVO Domaine.

The fifth installment takes the name AVO Improvisation LE17 and instead of draw inspiration from a single AVO release, draws inspiration three different AVO releases. AVO Syncro Nicaragua, AVO Syncro Nicaragua Fogata and the highly coveted AVO LE05. AVO Improvisation LE17 utilizes the same variety of Dominican binder and filler tobaccos that were featured in the AVO LE05, blended with the same Esteli, Nicaragua filler tobacco used in the AVO Syncro Nicaragua Fogata. The shape is the 6 x 60 box-pressed format of the AVO Syncro Nicaragua Special Toro.

The blend itself uses seven different tobaccos from three countries – The filler tobaccos consist of Nicaraguan Esteli Ligero and Dominican Seco and Ligero, encompassed by the Dominican Olor Zona 7 binder leaf and tastefully covered with the Habano Ecuador Marron Claro wrapper.

The packaging for the AVO Improvisation LE17 was inspired by a retro-style guitar case featuring a full black leather exterior with an orange leather interior lid and dual silver clasps.

AVO Improvisation LE2017 Packaging

“When developing the fifth AVO Improvisation blend, I wanted to use the foundation of my fifth AVO Limited Edition ever released, the celebrated AVO LE05, to see if we could craft something extra special,” commented brand Ambassador Avo Uvezian in a press release. “When we blended in filler tobacco from Esteli, my palate immediately began to dance with the many flavor notes. The combination worked so well together that a 60-ring gauge format was the proper way to fully showcase this wonderful arrangement, finished in a flawless box pressed shape.”

AVO improvisation LE 2017

Other than 2013’s AVO Movement for the Tobacconist Association of America, this is the first AVO limited edition to be box-pressed.

A widespread release is set to begin in the U.S. market on March 22nd – which happens to be Uvezian’s 91st birthday. A worldwide release will follow.

At a glance, here is a look at the AVO Improvisation LE17:

Blend Profile

Wrapper: Habano Ecuador Marron Claro
Binder: Dominican Olor Zona 7
Filler: Esteli Ligero (NIC), San Vincente Ligero (DR), San Vicente Mejorado Seco (DR), Piloto Ligero (DR), Piloto Seco (DR)
Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Vitolas Available

The AVO Improvisation LE17 is available in one size – a Special Toro. This is a 6 x 60 box-pressed vitola. Packaging includes 16 cigars per box. Pricing is set at $18.00 for a single cigar or $288.00 for a box. The U.S. market will receive 2,000 boxes.

Photo Credits: Davidoff of Geneva