Pure Aroma Cigars, makers of the D’Crossier brand and Espinosa Cigars have ended their distribution agreement.  The move is effective immediately.

“Unfortunately at this moment, we are having difficulties meeting distribution demands.  This is a sad day for me, Erik and I started as acquaintances and quickly became like family.  However, I have faith that things will quickly fall into place once again” said Pure Aroma Cigars owner Santana Diaz.

Meanwhile Erik Espinosa commented, “It’s unfortunate, I know how hard we have both worked over the last few years to promote his brands, but this is one of those hurdles you encounter along your way. I have no doubt that he will make the necessary adjustments.”

The two parties had entered into an agreement back in May 2015 when it was announced that Espinosa Cigars would handle distribution for Diaz’s products in Pure Aroma Cigars.