A little a year after launching his company – and building a strong following on social media, Danny Vazquez has announced he is closing down Baracoa Cigar Company. Vazquez cited the FDA as the main reason.

Baracoa released one product, The Voyage. Vazquez partnered with the La Aurora factory to bring out the cigar.

Vazquez issued the following statement:

It is with a heavy heart that I announce today, that Baracoa Cigar Company will be closing its doors and The Voyage has ended.

Due to the unsure state of the looming FDA regulations. I’ve decided that it is in the best interest for a company my size, to not move forward.

I want to thank everyone in the industry as well as the great brotherhood of cigar smokers for the amazing support and love that I have received over the past year. These memories will last forever with me. I will continue to be part of the cigar community as well as the social media groups that I have made so many new friends with.

Thank you for everything! And remember, NEVER SETTLE

Danny Vazquez